• Mobile Device Management

Complete control, secure by default

At Data Consulting Services we provide one of the most trusted MDM solutions, enabling companies to take centralised control of their fleet of devices. We offer clients access to the latest remote technology and provide rigorous device security, 24 hour helpdesk, and a global tracking facility. We have the capacity to manage and support volumes of users operating across the full range of devices and networks, including Android, iOS and Windows.

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Anti-Virus Added protection against potential malicious files and applications Password Protection Enforce passwords/PIN codes to all devices to add that extra layer of security of business devices Remote Wipe Remotely wipe any device you fear may be lost or stolen, protecting any data that may be kept on your devices Content Library Manage business critical content from behind the scenes, choose who has access to it, what they can do with it and how long they can have it for

Asset Management
Have access to every piece of information about of your business devices at a single glance

Application Management
Manage the applications your staff can download and use. Blacklist applications they can’t use or even whitelist only the applications and features they can

Package Deployment
Push specific applications that your staff need with no need to access any application stores File

Push files to devices for them to have access to anywhere

Feature Controls
Restrict internal features of devices

GPS Features
Locate and track devices anywhere in the world. GeoFence locations as big as a country or as small as an office and set rules to when devices enter or leave fences

Telecom Expense Management
Set, manage and monitor data allowance used by your devices

Kiosk Mode
Completely lock devices down to do as little as one thing, whilst adding company logo’s/images for heightened brand awareness

Remote Control
Remote control devices anywhere in the world to offer on hand support to your staff

Device Configuration
Push specific settings to large groups of devices in one go without the need to configure devices individually

Send Messages
Send business critical messages to individual, groups or your entire fleet in one go