SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN)

Multiple users, multiple applications, multiple devices – One network

One network. One security framework. Agile, lean IT = Reduced costs.

Your workforce is dispersed far and wide, but each person needs high quality VoIP, video conferencing, video streaming, and a virtualised desktop. Traditional WAN technologies such as MPLS and VPN have their place but they lack the performance reliability you’re looking for. You need application performance and user experience to be as though you work in one office… This can make things expensive to run and tough to manage.

Enter SD-WAN

By directing traffic away from your network hardware to individual applications in the cloud, SD-WAN ensures that wherever a user is they can enjoy secure but simple access to superb application performance. This means efficient working and a productive workforce.


  • Reduces costs compared to traditional WAN, through cost-effective local internet access and centralised management.
  • Enables tailored prioritisation for each application’s traffic flow to improve delivery time and facilitate real-time modification in line with your network requirements.
  • Is designed with security as its backbone, whilst also offering the ability to interconnect multiple WAN links to ensure high level business continuity.
  • Consolidates your infrastructure whilst still offering access to a multitude of functions via smart devices.