Empowering agile productivity

Connectivity without ties

Your people want to get things done quickly and easily, ideally unhindered by the need for cables. They have a job to do; they don’t want to waste time looking for sockets. A fast, reliable WiFi solution is what they need. Walk in. Get online. Swiftly and securely every time.

WiFi for your business

Wifi isn’t just about getting online. Tailored solutions that specifically meet your requirements give you the control you need to manage your business. From a hosted controller to a fully managed wireless solution, you can add beneficial services such as a customer portal to your offering, reliably and securely. Engage with your staff and your customers, and they will engage with you.

DCS WiFi for business:

  • Offers tailored solutions that connect you, your staff, and your visitors online quickly and easily.
  • Utilises leading technology through leading suppliers and partners.
  • Is supported 365 days a year (24/7.
  • Is deployed seamlessly with minimal disruption to your business.