Local Area Networks (LAN)

Network infrastructure that works for your business. Efficient working. Focused workforce.

A business enabler that offers speed, availability, and security.

Think internet access, communications, shared applications, and data storage. Your office network needs to work efficiently so your people and processes can too. Often, that means a LAN (local area network) that operates reliably whilst being secure, so your staff can check email, process orders, manage paperwork, and browse the internet.

A DCS managed LAN provides exactly that… a smooth service that lets you and your workforce get on with your business. We can monitor and manage your network to ensure it remains stable so that you remain fully operational.

DCS Local Area Network solutions offer you:

  • A managed and monitored network
  • Identification of potential issues
  • A flexible, scalable solution that responds to your needs
  • Secure access
  • Responsive and effective Client Support Service