Supply Chain Services

Our buying power. Your budget. Your benefit. Easy, low-cost product supply… managed for you.

Our leveraged buying power = Maximised use of your IT budget

At DCS, we have access to hundreds of thousands of lines of products and services. We work with the best technology partners, day in, day out, and can therefore leverage our buying power to your benefit. From end-to-end, DCS can manage every order through to installation.

DCS Supply chain solutions include:

  • Devices – Desktop hardware, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other handhelds, headsets, plus associated software.
  • Printers – Including consumables and associated software.
  • Networking – Routers, switches, firewalls etc. and associated software.
  • Data Centres – Including design & build solutions, racks, PDU, UPS, cabling, air-conditioning, and security options.
  • Server Systems – All converged and hyperconverged server systems, plus racks, towers, blades, and associated software.
  • Storage Systems – File, block, converged, virtual, iSCSI, FC, and FCoE storage systems, and associated software.
  • Backup Systems – Tape, disk, virtual, appliance and/or cloud backup systems, and associated software.
  • Software – Licensing, renewals, recovery, asset management, and audits.