• Device configuration

Saving you the hassle

At Data Consulting Services we know how long it can take to configure a hundred mobile phones. Your IT team don’t do it every day, so time they spend getting up to speed with the latest anti-virus software, firewalls and phone settings is time spent not being productive. But it’s important to your business that your staff have mobiles that are configured consistently and properly. And that’s what we do for customers every day.

Unboxing the first phone is fun, but by the hundredth the novelty has worn off. We will unbox your devices, making sure all accessories and documentation are kept in perfect condition ready for the phone to be repackaged once the device has been configured.
We will charge each phone, boot it up, and go through any setup screens that are shown. We will then install our MDM solution ready for the next stage.
Once the software has been installed on each phone we will setup your lockdown environment. This can include app blacklisting and/or whitelisting, kiosk modes, connection policies, and more.
If required, we can install the apps your employees need and make sure all settings are in place so that each phone can be used from the moment it’s turned on.